The SolarPal20™️ - A More Cost Friendly Option (20W)

Comparing The SolarPal20™️ with The SolarPal30™️

With the SolarPal20™️ you will get everything you do from the 30w model except for high-speed charging and some design changes.

How Fast Does It Charge?

On a normal sunny day:

1. SolarPal30™️ will take 35-50 minutes to charge an iPhone 14 from 50-100% battery.

2. SolarPal20™️ will take 60-75 minutes to charge an iPhone 14 from 50-100% battery. 


Both models are also able to charge in cloudier conditions
Both models feature our new ETFE laminated panels for higher efficiency.

The SolarPal20™️ also features two charging ports.

With our 20W model you will get the ability to charge two devices at the same time, with regular speed charging.

The ports include:

1. QC3.0 port

2. General USB port